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More Photos from Nuffnang :)
Monday, April 12, 2010 at 9:54 PM
Coverage by Nuffnang regarding The Nuffnang (First) Blogger's Symposium
*read back on my post*

before entering the main auditorium

while queuing for food :p

group photo at the end of it all (those who obliged that is)
i think more than half of those who attended left the hall when we were taking this photo :X
i already circled both me and Sk in red cause i doubt you can ever find us :p
circle is a bit small cause when i did it, the photo was enlarged :x my bad...

anyways, i received a good news from Nuffnang via email today
maybe i can redeem a free X-mini speaker :D
*keep fingers cross*
xoxo, Amber ♥
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