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The Nuffnang (First) Blogger's Symposium
Saturday, April 03, 2010 at 10:47 PM
It was my first Nuffnang event & Nuffnang's first Blogger's Symposium ^^
All thanks to Sk, who got first hand news via Xiaxue's tweet,
and i supposed that we were the first few to register :)

met Sk near SMU in the afternoon and walked over to the school of accountancy where the event was at
got to queue for the registration before entering the auditorium

Xiaxue walked past me as we were walking into the auditorium
and man, she was damn petite la!
the first thought that crossed my mind was "she was tiny!" and i felt so like a dinosaur :(
& the one thing that i was sure of was that she is not fat, at all, seriously.

seated and waiting for the event to commence

goodies from the goodie bag
nothing much; a canon notebook, canon complimentary magazine and event brochure

the Nuffnang staffs were setting up the laptop etc and...

the answer should be quite obvious right?

finally the whole thing kickstart with a speech by the country manager of Nuffnang

followed by the showcase of the 5 finalist's photos for the mini contest
the rest of us would be voting for the winner who would be announced by the end of the event
the baby photo (seen below) got the most "awwwwww" LOLS
at that moment, it seemed like the winner had been decided

after the showcase, we went for teabreak :)

luckily we queued early..the queue was a bit horrendous after we got our food :x

went to collect our complimentary photo after finishing the food :D
Photobucket NICE! :)

then we went back to the auditorium to wait for our workshop with Xiaxue to start :D
got a copy of the slides that she was going to use during the workshop
& laughed at "and lie to the world that you are gorgeous"
actually Xiaxue dont look that bad in real life :)

while waiting..we took photo...

and i camwhore..

and we took photos with Xiaxue! ^^
before it got too crowded & many people would be wanting to take photo with her
my picture with Xiaxue was taken with Sk's camera though (her camera better :x)
shall post it when i got it from Sk :)

workshop starts at 3pm sharp ^^

Xiaxue is quite a good speaker :)
she is humourous and is able to joke openly about herself
for an instance, she was teaching us photoshop and she was dont know why a window that should be there, wasnt
so she went clicking a few buttons and finally got what she wanted
afterwhich she exclaimed: "not so blonde afterall" which sent the whole hall of us roaring with laughter
the whole workshop was interesting and full of laughters
it was fun to be in it :D

then Kenny came and with a lot of time to spare
she decided to take a picture of Kenny to photoshop in front of all of us

initially she just wanted to demonstrate how to striaghten crooked teeth using photoshop
but it got a bit overboard (all in the name of good fun :p)
and she began adding in fake eyelashes, colour contacts, blusher...
& Kenny turned Tranny..LOLS

that ended of our session with her
afterwhich the next 15minutes were used to let people take photo with her
she is really popular!

After the phototaking session, we got a short briefing about this new social online shopping website
it is Nuffnang's sister site i.e. Jipaban (meaning 1 million in Hokkien) which will launch in May
seems to be an interesting and interactive website that gonna bring online shopping to a whole new level :)

after the briefing, we waited for all the rest of the groups to come back to the main auditorium
for the last part of the event
i.e. lucky draw and photo contest winner
no lady luck shining on me today :(
i was so hoping to get the S90!!
the contest's winner was already expected - the photographer who took the baby photo
he walked away with a S90 too

and finally it was the end of the whole event
we took a group photo before leaving
should be able to download it from Nuffnang website in a few days :)

Camwhore in the toilet before we go :p
loves big mirrors!
what i wore today - Odorikoya's Mint Label :)
finally got the chance to wear it and i totally love the colour!
was a walking advertisement for Sk too & she was damn happy whenever someone checked out my dress
probably i should have worn a sign somewhere to indicate that it was bought at her shop :p
*ignore the poorly aligned words. something went wrong somewhere technically :(*

Blur shots!! :( we just couldnt get a nice one after 3 shots so i gave up!
duper sad and getting very disgruntled with my T200
i need a better camera~~!!!

duper wants this after attending the event
something that i quote from Xiaxue and i totally agree with: "Invest in a good camera"
cause with better raw photo, it will mean less editing to be done = more time saved

Canon S90 is a NEED, not a WANT.

can someone buy it for me pretty please? *puppy eyes*
xoxo, Amber ♥
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