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Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 11:19 PM
Not exactly a farewell
but our dear Xinming is going into voluntary MIA
so we all planned a meet up today :)

baby copied me!!
cause i planned what i wanted to wear before he does :p
end up we couple couple red red checkered checkered

while waiting for bus
baby was teaching me the colour function thing
he took this impromptu
i kinda like the slow mo effect :) naise~~

met up with Xinming at JE mrt station
he wore red too!! wahahahahhas
as though we had it planned all along:p

trained down to Bugis
we planned to visit a small forgotten corner of Singapore today :p
and on our way there, the guys wanted to visit the washroom =.=
so i got to wait
but there were loads of mirror outside to entertain me :D
camwhore time! ^^

baby came out first, like after 15-20minutes?
i was nearly bored to death :(

randomly~~ hahahahs

hair is very long already i know
but i like lehx! my prized assets :D
& somehow i still want it to grow a bit longer :p

finally Xinming came out
& so we continued our hike
wasnt really sure about the way but we found it somehow :D

The Oldest Flea Market in Singapore - Sungei Road Thieves Market

"Many years ago, this flea market in Singapore was allegedly the place to buy stolen goods. Hence the name 'Thieves' Market'. And there is one saying that just refused to go away: if you had something stolen from your house, just go down to Sungei Road and buy it back. I heard this from my grandfather. I heard this from my uncles. And I still read about it in the travel guides. Amazing!"
- quoted from http://www.etour-singapore.com/flea-market-in-singapore.html

used the nostalgic mode in my camera for the following photos :)
i feel that the mode is very apt

everything and anything can really be found at the flea market
but what they sell just may not be usable anymore
i saw AX, Aldo, other branded goods etc
and also old items like the type writers (a lot of these), portable CD players,
mobile phones etc
so many and too many for my inquiry eyes to feast on
i really dont know to look right or left at time


see the old ah pek looking at those old version of digital cameras

it was very hot though
and we finished browsing the whole market within 45minutes?
really nothing much unless you are patient enough to look store by store
most of the stores sell about the same things
but i believe if there would be good bargains around there if something really catch you eyes :)

Another thing for sure is that the peddlers there would not bow down to customers
to them, its either you buy or you dont
they would not provide you with any good service nor would they try to sell their products
everything is very down-to-earth and real
they do not give a damn whether they are in your good books
sometimes, isnt it nice to be real for once?
All the so-call-good service around us, how many are from the heart?

walked back to Bugis Junction after we left the flea market
went into Sim Lim Tower for a while
enjoy the aircon and explore a bit :)

it was almost dinner time when we reach Bugis Street
bought drinks and some snacks (for baby and myself)
both baby and i only had a ferrero rocher each since morning :X
we were meeting Christine at UE Square at 7pm
and its nearly time so we trained down to Clarke Quay

walked from Clarke Quay mrt station to UE Square
but bad luck! the restaurant we wanted to go to had closed down :(
luckily baby got Plan B -

The SQUARE @ Novotel Clarke Quay

Novotel's International buffet
so we walked back to Novotel

the restaurant was rather full when we reached
so we only managed to get patio seats
but luckily the weather wasnt too hot to dine alfresco :)

Christine said that the lighting was very nice so she took pics for us :D


took this while testing the modes :) i like!!

the chairs looks uncomfy but they are pretty comfy in fact ^^

and finally, the much waited...FOOOOOOOD!!!

the star of this buffet must had to be the crab dishes
Black Pepper, Garlic Butter and Chilli crabs
they are included in the buffet menu too :D

my Garlic Butter crab came very late though
i was impatient and went to take the desserts first
and my crab only came after i finish my dessert :X
was rather full by then so i couldnt finish *poutx*

Overall the food was good & the variety was sufficient enough for me :D
good food and company is loves~~~

group photo :) but a bit blur :(

Individual shoots :)



walked back to mrt station after
coincidentally saw Angie at Liang Court and plans were set to meet straight after! i like!
been some time since we all meet up thus i cant wait to meet all of them soonest! :)
xoxo, Amber ♥
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