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Again & Again
Thursday, April 08, 2010 at 9:29 PM
Woke up from a nightmare this morning
cant remember it in details anymore but i do remember that baby was in it :(
then i realised thats not the worst thing that happen yet
the worst was that i woke up from a nightmare
to realised that it had just only began.
Waking up to work is irking me :(

Camwhore a bit before i dived into my pile of work...
hearts my S90 loads :D
a lil something from Deborah :)

i am kinda stressed actually
and the symptoms are showing
my workdesk is horribly untidy so is my room :x sigh~~
it all felt so like the time when i was thinking whether i should change job at barclays
and this feeling sucks totally
cause i can never ever ever decide
and i will whine and whine and whine until even i feel that its irksome
argh :(

anyways, the thought of learning something new had been ding-donging in my head for a while
wanted to learn dance but the class i want is not available yet
so i decide to revise Jap on my own

its a pity that i gave up halfway last time and i regret much
if i could brush up my basics, probably i can start checking out on classes available :)
however, i really hope that there will be someone to attend class with me :x

but that aside now, theres another more crucial decision to make right now
Kaplan is have roadshow this coming Sunday
& there will be a $300 rebate for all enrollments made between 11 & 17 April 2010
into the Bachelor programs
now, should i study part time or full time?
xoxo, Amber ♥
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