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Testing out my new ♥ ^^
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 at 7:56 AM
Last night.
baby spent like hours playing with my S90..lols
Some raw pictures that i took before he took over
no edits whatsoever :)


and here is one unglam photo of me taken by baby :x
but thats not the point!
check out the cool colour feature :)

and while baby was snapping away around me
i was on my netbook doing my "project"; attempting to migrate my site :p
it will still be hosted by blogspot but URL will be changed
the new site is up by about 80% already
there are still some new things that i wanna add on
like twitter maybe? HAHAHs
i am always slow on social media

will finalise the migration by the end of this month
the plan is that the current URL will still be functioning
but probably for a month only, to ease the migration, before closing down for good
and i probably wouldnt be sharing my blog feed onto facebook anymore
i hate that it takes at least one day for facebook to upload my new post onto my profile
say i am perfectionist or whatever
so please save/relink my new blog link when its announced :)

i am pretty excited about it all :)
xoxo, Amber ♥
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