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Odorikoya: Chasing Away Exams Blues
Tuesday, April 06, 2010 at 8:06 AM


Launching today at 3pm!

With most university students having their exams soon,
this cheerful collection could just help you a little by chasing the exams blues away!

Quantities are limited! & this will be their last collection before going on a 2 month hiatus :(
(Owner will be having exams too! :x)

Expect many many casual tops, floral dresses,
chiffon toga dresses, khakis harem pants, miumiu inspired bag, 2 different necklaces.

No BO for this collection!
Fastest payment first :)
(Edited at 3pm)
*Some of My Favourite Pieces*

I got a soft spot for white and gold combinations!
Moreover, this can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet. Pretty!

Strips is loves in Black and Blue plus the little pocket which make the top so cutesy :)
Plain tops are soo yesterday dont you think?!

Plaids/ Checkered tops are so in right now
and this top is more forgiving then its long sleeves counterparts as SG is just so hot sometimes
Moreover it comes with a detachable hoodie that gives you a different look when worn :D
who says one top cant be worn twice differently?

Fell in love with this rose printed tee. The combination is just awesome.
Did i mention that my favourite colour is also red? :)

Love this too! Simple yet classy. This dress is the IT dress if you like flutter & crochets.
Just need simple accessories (pearl necklace as worn on Junying in pic) & you are good to go!

I like! Polkadots and pink goes like bread and butter and this combination look oh-so-sweet!!
An everyday dress which you can wear it for school/ outings/ casual events :)

How could one ever get sick of florals?? Not me though :p
Plus its made of chiffon (my all time favourite material)
I just couldnt say no! kekex

Its yellow, its bright, its simple, its nice.
I cant see why shouldnt i have the urge to get this dress too :p
& guess it would be the perfect combination with the Nautical Twist Necklace :D

xoxo, Amber ♥
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