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13th ♥
Friday, April 09, 2010 at 11:34 PM


Falling in love with you many times ^^

Its was a long long Friday though
no special celebration with baby
due working hours was lengthen from 8 to more than 12 hours? =.="
because of an Alumni+Student event which i promised to help out
was the video host for the event :)

the whole set up was like a wedding banquet but speed dating style
its a mingle and dine event, first of its kind done in NUS :)

had to do a short introduction on video before the event commenced
NG-ed a few times but soon i got the script right and it felt more natural :)
Confidence slowly eroded the initial nervous-nous

the whole event started slightly behind time
but everything went quite well
on my side, i dont see any hiccups :)
the food were good but the portion of the main was a bit too big (half a chicken per pax)
so i didnt have much space for dessert :x


after all the food
me and Matt went around to get and give a few students a heads-up
so that we can interview them after the whole event ends
i felt like a mini-reporter :D

Formal attire today for the formal event
BC Satin top, Jacket from Thailand & Satin Pants from TF
been a while since i wear pants to work
i have a love & hate relationship with my satin pants as though they fit me fine
there were still some areas where its too baggy and i dont like :x


rushed around doing the interviews when the event end
good thing that everyone was very cooperative
quick, short, sweet, zai & no NGs! :D
I only hope that i will look good on the video :p

it was 10-ish when we left NUS, the event ended later then planned
cabbed home with Venetia & Matt
feeling super tired but when i thought about the work that i had brought home
i doubt i can sleep in peace tonight :(

"Try to relax and enjoy the crisis" - Ashleigh Brilliant; a Brilliant quote indeed.
xoxo, Amber ♥
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